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Weld's TH2 B

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PvP as defender vs Mamaluig - max-0, 2

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Welderon has a mysterious past

There is no information about the young pirate called Welderon... The only track is that - he's cousin Billcutting could provide some help, as he did once in "Magnata Established's' blockade on Kiwara Island, together with Notorious's members.

Crew's stattus Imperials 1105AM on 19.07

Welderon follows

his addiction to PvP battling and earning respect with proper behavior and dedication to the flag's and crew's goals. 'Surrender is not my creed' and

Sloop vs GF PvP

'Who dares wins' are his believs in battle, but he love to be part of the leading staff and his main peace activities are connected to respect, training and duty.

Welderon has personal loyalty code

and he never engaging crewbies, flaggies or allied members with purpose. If some of the present crewbies, flaggies or allied members would been involved in PvP with Welderon as XO, that will be signs that someone using 'auto-targeting' or sleeping on board. In case they will not disengage or not responding properly and without respect - that will be reason for him to keep battling till he will be happy. Mostly that means maxing, reengaging, chasing, engaging... day by day... which is normal. In case he is not happy - who knows how this will be ended?

Cool PvP fray, 1-max b

Welderon always showing respect

to his opponents, if they behave themselves as reasonable pirates, but all naming, abusing or else 'scuppering bullcannons' from their side could cause permanent muting, hunting and engaging not only them, but also their crewbies, flaggies or allied members (if that's 'OK' with previous statement about loyalty code). Welderon is happy when his former opponents or enemies has allied or joined his flag.

Player versus Player

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates has unique characteristics. Puzzle Pirates is a free to play massively multiplayer game. Your character is a pirate in a vast and open-ended world of adventure and riches, populated by thousands of other players, but the most important reason that keeps Welderon satisfied is PvP.

Weld's sloop

PvP hunter

Welderon could consider himself as high qualified Solo Sloop's Pillager and Solo-PvP battle navigator (B-naver), gunner and furious swordfighter with his 'magic stick'. Any donation as old sword will be warm welcomed. Galleon & weld 3

Thanks to sword's donators:

Overall PvP Experience of Welderon:

Hunter's Counter: 382
 defeated pirates in PvP as attacking XO
8 Incredible 1 Narrow 2 Broad 3 Expert 9 Shadow 9 Shadow 9 Shadow 9 Shadow

Classification of the Welderon's PvP Battle Navigation Experience or PvP Trophies.

Welderon The Hunter

All Welderon's PvP Battles Part 1

Notorious Time 15 Sep. - 13 Noe. 2010.

All Welderon's PvP Battles Part 2

Random Hunting Time Since 17 Noe. 2010.

All Welderon's PvP Battles Part 3

Olympian Armada's Time Since 3 Dec. 2010

Battles: 39; W: 31, L: 2, TD: 5, MD: 0; Balance: +29; Wins: 79,5%

  • Last update: Feb 15, 2011 6:14:17 AM PST on the Sage ocean.

Senior Officer

Welderon's personal goal as pirate is to serve others and to follow some of the most experienced pirates, as good strategy to start and develop his own pirate's career well.

Sea Monster Hunter

Welderon The Sailor

Welderon The Blacksmith

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