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Well, i guess it's the silliest idea ever, but i'll accept any point of view and Critic Opinions. Also i can edit that, so just let me know what you think about it, thank you.

Enjoy the handicap diagram >

To see the picture - click it on it and than use the zoom tool.

First of all, the idea could provide avoiding some real problems and natural issues during the kade. Some navers have their gunning friends and they goes together almost all the time, but using the vessel's, crew's or officer's chat to make that public, makes other navers or even gunners not easy. Other bad side of missing the gun teaming is that Bnaver, who even drive some ship without XO. He/she will be not happy - trying to find by some luck gunners on his vessel - he/she could don't find and the worst part, making themselfs silly before the crew onboard. Not having constant and mobile gun teams could cause also some jober, gunners, even 'loyal' prates to be confused and stressed. Also some incredible gunners will leave becouse onboard the XO or some kade officers was give too many gun orders or orders to pirates, which makes 'fine' or even 'good' sitting at the station and makes the good gunners jobless. The kade training of the new kade b-navers is not the main goal of this blog, but all navers have to be told what is their responsobilities and that sometimes they have to improvise managing searching for gunners, even during the kade beeng on the kade board...

From other side - having and managing gun teams - all jobbers will be feel more secure about their work onboard - make PoE as much longer they could... Will give confidence to the navers and to the rest of the kading crew... The active and good managing gun teaming or even the rumor of that will bring some extra respect from allies and enemies and deliver some fear to the direct oponents on the kade board... The eventual extra payment to gun teams will make that flag the most wanted place for any kade for the best gunners...

Kade map team

The coordination could be provided only by Admiral or other few running the kade, but the major idea here is to assamble gun teams by getting them together by their present standing... and in that way to formate long term thinking about some gun teams, making that as standard...

So, as example - one 'legendary' gunner (Billyboy) and one 'respected' gunner (Babygun) will make one 'A team Billyboy'... Will be easier to all to command, use an awarded that gun team...

What exactly going on having gun teams?

The Gunmaster (with coordination of the rest of kading team - admiral,
main jobbing...) assembling mostly before and at the beggining of
the kade gunning teams. The gunning teams are 2 kinds: Alpha and Omega.
Alpha team could be done with 2 pirates having Legendary and Respected
gunning standings; 2 pirates having Grand-Master and Master or just
1 pirate having Ultimate. Omega team could be done with 2 pirates
having Ultimate and Master gunning standings or with 3 pirates having
Renowned, Master and Respected gunning standings. Each team has to be
named by the pirate's name of higher gunning standing. Establishing
overall standard for all kinds of vessels with some of those gun teams
will provide useful global tool. So, when the Admiral will need the next
vessel with the navigating team, the Gunmaster will order to the right
gun team to hop on that specific ship - so at the same time, the Admiral,
the Gunmaster and the XO of that vessel will know which team is there,
keeping them in their gun teaming list, also keeping some feedback later
to manage eventual fair payment after each round.

Kade map sink-load

So, again, i am not sure that i made some proper standards for making 'Alpha' and 'Omega' teams (probably the best gunners could say some about it) by those gunnary standings and exactly those kinds of vessels, but the way of thinking to establish some standard is right way to improve the kading process.... at least to 'make' time for few more points (or don't lose time in the possible chaos for the jobbers, navers and their gunners, when the time come to change vessels)...

The next new idea is to pay extra PoE to each team after each ROUND, if that team has proved they desrve it - sticking together all the time on vessel, following the Gunmaster's or Admiral's orders to hop on some vessel and gunning, or even sitting on shore next to the Gunmaster, waiting for orders. So there must be establish some pay ratings per each team and gun standing... In the most hard kades i see how 4 'A' teams and 4 'O' teams could make the kade perfect - its around 20 gunners (if the kade Nav. teams are around 8-9... So all together the core of the kade team of nav/xo and gun teams (35-40) + the leading pirates for the kade (10) = 50 skilled and dedicated pirates, could make miracles....

Kade map master 2 smaller

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