Welderon's favorit rank is Senior Officer, also known as SO.

Proud Senior Officer of 'Notoriously Mindless', 25 Sep. - 13 Noe. 2010

Recruited by Mindless, Welderon had join the crew 'Mysterious Ways' and became FO. After that Mindless had founded his own crew, Welderon became a SO and Tactition of the crew 'Notoriously Mindless'. He was expeled without single tell and he didn't harm the crew or flag personaly... The main issue was that he wasn't requignized as honorable titled member of the flag Notorious.

PRO SO for 5k per won PvP

After Welderon's had been expeled, he joined Zenzi's crew, but he had to accept the offer of Boiwonderand soon he became a 'professioanl' SO of his crew at 4:11PM on Saturday, 20 November 2010 when

4 pirates from

Greenie Harem on the Sloop 'Narrow-Minded Tigerfish'

attacked 4 pirates from

Skelletens on the Sloop 'Intolerant Shad'

Greenie Harem won 0 POE and 6 units of goods

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